Australian bush fires 澳大利亚森林大火

It's not just humans who are at risk from the spreading bush fires

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澳大利亚新南威尔士州宣布进入紧急状态,截至目前,森林大火已经烧毁了200间多房屋。消防队员仍在持续灭火工作。预计天气条件将持续恶化,气象预报说未来几天将有高温和强风。以下是 BBC 记者

Jon Donnison 从悉尼发回的报道:

Here amid the smokey haze of the bush, the heat hits the senses. Temperatures are back in the mid-30s making the work of firefighters increasingly difficult. Helicopters whirr overhead dumping water on the nearby fire fronts. They’re trying to stop several fires from merging into one huge blaze spanning hundreds of kilometres.

In several communities, people are being warned not to try and stay put to defend their homes. With hundreds of houses already destroyed, disaster welfare centres have been set up where families can start the planning needed to rebuild their lives. Most of the firefighters are volunteers. Many look exhausted; some have even lost their own homes.

The fires follow unseasonably hot weather; conditions are expected to worsen throughout the week with dangerously strong winds forecast on Wednesday and little let-up in the temperature.

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